DILANTIN - Side Effects in one patient

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Tuesday 27 June Seizures. Hospitalised. Commenced Dilantin
Saturday 1 July  Discharged from hospital.
Tuesday 11 July 9.10 a.m. Woke up refreshed. 9.30 a.m. Breakfast. 2 x Dilantin 10.30 a.m. Shower. Felt pressure, not pain, on left arm. Slight pain in ribs/lung/heart area - originally felt in hospital. Unsteady. 11.00 a.m. Pressure behind right eye while resting. Pressure for few minutes behind head and neck. 11.35 a.m. Pressure again behind right eye while resting. 12.39 p.m. Hot head and face. Still pressure behind eye. 12.45 p.m. Dizzy when sitting up. Pain again in side area of upper body. Lunch. Pressure felt on top of head. 1.00 p.m. Pressure on forehead and both eyes. 1.10 p.m. Flu feeling and very drowsy. 1.30 p.m. Fell asleep. 4.25 p.m. Woke up refreshed but often dreaming that I had had another fit while lying down. 4.45 p.m. Drowsy. 4.55 p.m. Walked outside. Unsteady. Slightly nauseous. 6.30 p.m. Dinner. Felt OK. 2 x Dilantin at end of meal. Unsteady when walking. 7.47 p.m. Pain in right arm between wrist and elbow. 8.10 p.m. Pressure behind eyes. 8.25 p.m. Slightly dizzy when looking sideways. 8.38 p.m. Walking to bedroom. Dizzy, unstable; pressure on right temple. 9.40 p.m. Tired and nauseous. Pressure on eyes. 9.50 p.m. Headache, mainly on right side of head.
Wednesday, 12 July 8.50 a.m. Woke up. Okay. Had breakfast. 2 x Dilantin.9.19 a.m. Slight pressure on right arm 9.50 a.m. Read newspaper. Unsteady. 10.20 a.m. After shower. Feel as though arms and hands are shaking. Unsteady. 11.07 a.m. Felt like flu. Hot flush of neck and head with perspiration - lasted about a minute. 12.10 p.m. Drowsy, unsteady. Dizzy when turning head to one side. 12.22 p.m. Pressure on back of head. 12.35 p.m. Pressure behind eyes. 12.38 p.m. Pain in ribs area. Rested. 4.10 p.m. Woke up refreshed. 5.52 p.m. After sitting at table, pain in right buttock. Light headed, unstable. 6.28 p.m. Pressure on right temple 7.13 p.m. Light pressure on right arm. 9.30 p.m. Shivering motion in hands (not moving). Quite tired, especially eyes. 10.52 p.m. Pressure behind right eye.
Thursday 13 July 9.00 a.m. Woke up okay after a restless night.9.24 a.m. Felt shaking in hands and arms but they were not shaking. 10.42 a.m. Shower. Pain in ribs/lung/heart area. Also hurts when sneezing. 10.55 a.m. Fuzzy head and tired. 11.05 a.m. Pressure on right forehead and temple/ear area. 11.07 a.m. Tremors again in hands and arms but they are not shaking. 11.39 a.m. Pressure on top of head. 11.44 a.m. Still tired. Headache, particularly right side. 12.15 p.m. Light housework - pressure on left arm. 12.30 p.m. Headache extended to left back of head. Still tired. 2.47 p.m. Still pressure on right forehead and eye. 5.20 p.m. Still headache in front of eyes. 5.34 p.m. Pressure on left arm. 5.53 p.m. Tremors and weakness in arms and lips. 5.59 p.m. Hot flush and perspiring on head and face. 6.55 p.m. Very fatigued and pressure behind right eye. 8.05 p.m. Hot flush. Headache back of head. 8.10 p.m. Slightly dizzy while sitting. 8.25 p.m. Slight pain under left breast and heart/lungs/rib area. 8.52 p.m. Hot flush. 9.25 p.m. Pressure on right side of neck. Tremors and fatigue. 9.30 p.m. Hot flush.
Friday 14 July 10.00 a.m. Woke up. Fine.10.19 a.m. Tremors. 1.30 p.m. Unsteady on feet. Fuzzy head. 1.50 p.m. Hot flush. 2.38 p.m. Light pressure around left arm. 2.50 p.m. Ditto 2.55 p.m. Ditto 3.11 p.m. Ditto 3.24 p.m. More heavy pressure around left arm. 3.57 p.m. Heavier pressure around left arm. 4.45 p.m. Tremors in arms. 5.45 p.m. Fuzzy head. Pressure behind right eye. Slight pressure on left arm. 5.48 p.m. Unsteady on feet. 6.11 p.m. Hot flush. Pressure behind right eye. 6.22 p.m. Tremors 6.55 p.m. Pressure around left arm. 7.29 p.m. Very sleepy. 8.02 p.m. Flu like symptoms. (Hot sweat, backache.) 8.40 p.m. Fuzzy head. Unsteady and tremors. 8.50 p.m. Hot flush. Pressure on left arm. 11.00 p.m. Pain in rib/lung/heart area.
Saturday 15 July 10.35 a.m. Tremors10.45 a.m. Eyes feel as though they are moving from side to side. 11.30 a.m. On bending, pain in rib/lung/heart area. 11.33 a.m. Pain on right of head, neck and shoulder area. 11.55 a.m. Ditto and pressure on eyes. 12.00 p.m. Hot flush. Flu like ache in back. 12.16 p.m. More tremors. 12.40 p.m. Pain continues in neck and shoulder. 1.03 p.m. Ditto and unsteady, and pressure on eyes. 5.20 p.m. Neck still sore. 7.13 p.m. Pain moved to below shoulder blades but still in neck, also side. Unsteady on feet. Tremors all over.
Sunday 16 July 10.20 a.m. Sore throat during nightime.Woke up. Okay.11.45 a.m. Ache in neck and back area. 11.49 a.m. Tremors. 12.01 p.m. Still have sore throat. 1.35 p.m. Fuzzy head, ears blocked, pressure on eyes. 1.41 p.m. Hot flushes. 1.47 p.m. Pressure on eyes. 1.54 p.m. Pressure on left shoulder and arm. 1.58 p.m. Sore throat, pressure on right temple. 2.26 p.m. Unsteady on feet. Rapid eye movement. Pain in left wrist. 2.30 p.m. Pressure on left shoulder. 2.55 p.m. Fuzzy head. 3.00 p.m. Pressure around right eye. Right ear blocked. 3.03 p.m. Pressure on right temple. Sore throat continuing. 3.43 p.m. Unsteady on feet. Pressure on left shoulder. 4.00 p.m. Pressure on back of neck (right side) and down shoulder blades. 4.06 p.m. Pressure also on back of head and on top. Rapid eye movement. 4.13 p.m. Hot flush. Pressure on both temples and on left arm. 4.28 p.m. Shaky. Tremors in arms and hands. 4.54 p.m. Pressure on right neck. 5.04 p.m. Hot flush. 5.24 p.m. Pressure behind head. 5.54 p.m. Still have sore throat. 6.27 p.m. Hot flush. 6.53 p.m. Fuzzy head, aching shoulder and back (like flu). 6.57 p.m. Hot flush. 8.45 p.m. Headache at back of head. Very tired. 9.00 p.m. Hot flush. 9.32 p.m. Pressure behind eyes and on arms. 10.00 p.m. Pain in ribs/lung/heart area. 10.30 p.m. Pressure on right eye. Cold during nightime and restless.
Monday 17 July 8.00 a.m. Woke up with pain behind right eye.8.20 a.m. Ache in lower back. Hiccups. Discomfort in stomach and right groin area. 8.37 a.m. Pain in right neck and back of head and lower back. 9.07 a.m. Unsteady on feet. 9.21 a.m. Tremors. 9.40 a.m. Headache behind right ear and head. 10.15 a.m. Hot flush and unsteady. 10.35 a.m. Hot dry throat, headache. 10.41 a.m. Pressure around right eye. 11.25 a.m. Hot flush. Headache behind right side of head. Rest of head fuzzy. 11.35 a.m. Slightly nauseous. Hiccups. 12.15 p.m. Unsteady. Headache at back of head and right neck. Confused. Tremors. 12.37 p.m. Rapid eye movement side to side. Burping. 12.42 p.m. Dry sore throat. Pain on right eye.