Poem by Jonathan Gordon 1977-2006



The Fight


Through the ropes and in the corner I stand.

My team below me, awaits the painful command

Too afraid to review my opponent,

I hide behind my glove

In case he's like Goliath, towering up above.


But then I go searching, deep, deep inside.

And this is where I find it, my power and pride.

Afraid no more, I have him in sight

An ugly looking fellow, with a nasty bite.


I'm sure it's a conspiracy, this enemy of mine

Picking on the young and the old all the time


This fight reels like a fix, but whether I win

or whether I lose

My tactics won't change, as I don't get to choose


All I know is the sound of the bell,

It's my personal battle and I'll unleash hell.

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