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Walk around the World
for Brain Tumo(u)rs

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inaugural meeting.





Some of the fifty people from eleven countries who attended the inaugral meeting of IBTA held on 7 May 2005 in Edinburgh. They include people with a brain tumour, their carers, scientists, nurses, health professionals, researchers, and former carers.

The International Brain Tumour Alliance (IBTA) was established during the conference of the World Federation of Neuro Oncology held at Edinburgh (UK) in May 2005.

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It seeks to be an alliance of the support, advocacy and information groups for brain tumour patients and carers in different countries and also includes researchers, scientists, clinicians and allied health professionals who work in the area of brain tumours.

News and Events

The number of brain tumour patient support and advocacy groups, and research and scientific bodies who support the IBTA's Walk Around the World for Brain Tumours and the International Brain Tumour Awareness Week (26 October - 1 November) has grown to 117.

SDBTTThe IBTA Secretary Kathy Oliver gave a presentation to the SDBTT Astro Fund Brain Tumour Information Day in London on 17 March 2008, under the title “Hope for the Future: Alliances and Promising Areas of Research”.

Pictured here, left to right, are Professor Geoff Pilkington (University of Portsmouth), Kathy, Neil Dickson and Angela Dickson, founders of SDBTT

Article in European magazine (Mar 2008)

The IBTA Secretary Kathy Oliver has had an article published in a special edition of  "Parliament Magazine", devoted to cancer, and distributed to Members of the European Parliament and elsewhere.[more...]

Hammer Out patient/carer conference, Devon, UK (Mar 2008)

NICE and the Rule of Rescue (Mar 2008)

The IBTA has lodged a submission to the UK NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) protesting at NICE's rejection of the "Rule of Rescue" in the "Consultation on draft second edition of social value judgements: principles for the development of NICE guidance" document.

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Notes: IBTA is aware that in the United States "tumour" is spelled "tumor" and will use that spelling for printed materials directed to that region. It was also the intention of the founding meeting that we seek to represent all tumours of the central nervous system. As is the practice in the scientific literature and clinical use, we use the words "brain tumour", not "brain cancer".